dreams. . .you know when you sleep. #EveBlogs

so what is up with dreaming about people who are no longer in your life. friendships, relationships, girlfriends, and fucks. out of the blue they show up and invaded your mind.  In another life I would have thought that this is some sort of cosmic force & energy pulling us together because everything happens for a reason. but lets get real- we are older now and thinking that way is crazy.

when was the last time they reached out to you? don’t waist your heart, time, and mind. if you ever mean’t anything to them they would reach out to you (at least once). sometimes we keep people in our lives (you know the toxic ones) to feel like we are not alone /or to sooth a natural urge for codependency.

maybe its time to focus on yourself and see who reaches out to you. let go of the bad energy to make room for the new. xo