And now a message from … Eve Laurence

hello Everyone,

Just a quick update for those of you asking where I have been lately. I have been dealing with some upsetting situations in my life that have taken up a great deal of time and energy… . fans you know that I love you  … and that I take my career very seriously, so I apologize for being out of touch for a few weeks … however my family comes first.

These matters are ongoing … so I will be focusing my attentions here, but I am not leaving you. Pipeline Multimedia will continue to work on my web site, adding new features and getting content updates up for members.

In the meantime, my publicists at Pipeline Multimedia will help keep you informed by managing my social media with regular updates and announcements.

Thank you for your kind emails and forum posts. I assure you all that I will work through these things as quickly as possible so I can get back to doing what I love  …  which is performing for all of you.

much love,